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World wide Engine & Gearbox Overhaul Services available for All Ashok Leyland Models- Hino, All Tata Models, Tata Cummins, AMW, IVECO, CNG, EICHER and All Generator Sets.

Company Founder

S. Amarjeet Singh is born and brought up in the twin city name Yamunanagar, state Haryana and after studies he fully decided to move in the field of Automobile sector and till date serving the nation - INDIA with his dynamic ideas, solution for technical problems in the Trucks & Buses Engines, Gear Boxes, Differential for 40 years and with his hard work & sincere efforts he came up with his innovative ideas for Ashok Leyland such as- Engine Exhaust Brake manual without pressure, Manual clutch to Hydraulic clutch etc. Later on S. Amarjeet Singh was appointed as AMARJEET MOTORS authorized highway repair centre at Yamunanagar-135001 Haryana from Ashok Leyland Limited with effect from 15.6.1994 year onwards.

He had attended many service training programs conducted by Ashok Leyland, TATA in different cities- Alwar, Dhanbad, S.T.C. Jamshedpur and got successful completion training certificates of IVECO CARGO 709/909 vehicles, CARGO MDV maintenance, Transmission OH Hippo Beaver Ranges, ZF Gearbox & Power Steering overhauling, C.N.G. Engine overhauling, Hino Engine overhauling, TATA Cummins Diesel Engine, LP 1512 TC.

About Us

Amarjeet Motors offers an expansive range of the best quality and highly efficient brand new spare parts Engines, Gearbox, Differential Spare Parts. One of the greatest drawbacks of heavy duty automobiles such as Trucks, Buses, with all their bells and whistles, is the eventual breakdown of parts such as engines, whose replacement with newer units is neither feasible, nor economically sound, owing to the high costs of doing so. This is where spare parts come to the rescue and with the goal of serving the consumers with the same according to their requirement.

Our company was established in 2013 and we have since, become a reputed name in the domain with consumers lining up to avail our products on account of performance attributes which elude the ones offered by our contemporaries. Backed by a posse of qualified engineers and experienced designers, we have cemented our position in the market as a noted Supplier, Exporter and Trader of products such as Brand new Heavy Duty Engines, 6 Cylinder Engines, 4 Cylinder Engines, Engine parts, Engine Blocks, Engine Cylinder Head, Crankshafts, Propeller Shafts, Differential parts, All Gearboxes, Gearbox parts, Filters, kingpin Units, Brake drums, Brake linings, Wheel Bearings, Truck Clutch plates, Truck Pressure plates to name a few.

Our Products

Ours is an assorted array of the best grade automobile heavy duty spare parts whose performance and efficiency rival the ones of new units. Following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong :-

  • Engines:- Engines / Engine Blocks / Sleeve Liners / Piston Set / Piston Rings / Piston pin / Piston Locks / Connecting Rods / Crank Begun Bearings
  • Camshafts:- Camshafts / Camshaft Gears / Camshafts Bush
  • Crankshafts:- Crankshafts /  Crankshafts Main Bearings  / Crank Thrust Washers / Crank Shaft Main Oil Seal / Timing Oil Seal
  • Engine Cylinder Head:- Engine Cylinder Head /  Head Valve Set / Head Valve Seats / Head Valve Guides / Head Valve Oil Seals / Head Valve Kattar / Head Valve Springs / Head Bolts / Rockers / Rocker shafts / Push Rods / Tappet Cover Packing's /Head Gaskets
  • Flywheel Housing:- Flywheel Housing / Clutch Plates / Face Plates / Pressure Plates / Flywheel Bearings / Ring Gear
  • Timing Gear Housing:- Timing Gear Housing / Timing Gears / Timing Plates / Damper Pulley / Damper Pulley nut & washer /  Hydraulic Steering / Coolant Pump
  • Gearboxes:-  All Gearbox / ZF gearbox 5 speed / ZF gearbox 6 speed / ZF gear box 9 speed / TATA GBS 40 gearbox / TATA GBS 50 gearbox / TATA GBS 60 gearbox / TATA GBS 75 gearbox / TATA GBS 9 speed gearbox /  All Gearbox spare parts / Propeller shafts / UJ Cross / Cross
  • Differential Parts:- Crown Pinion / Spider Kit / Side Bearings / Pinion Bearings / Pinion Tapper Roller Bearings / Differential cage
  • Rear Axles:- Rear Axles / Rear Wheel Hub / Rear Wheel Bearings / Hub Checknut & Thrust Washers / Wheel Rims / Rear Wheel Oil Seals / Rear Wheel Bolts & Nuts
  • Front Axles:- Front Axles / Kingpins / Brake Drums / Brake Shoe Springs / Brake Linings / Wheel Bearings / Wheel Oil Seals / Wheel Rims / Front Wheel Bolt & Nuts / Tie Rod end assembly / Tie Rod Repair Kits / Brake Cam
  • Assembly of Front Spring:- Leafs / Centre Bolt & Nut Kit / Shackle Pin / Spring Eye Bush / U clumps / Eye bolt / All Parts
  • Assembly of Rear Spring:- Leafs / U bolts / Shackle Pin / Spring Eye Bush / Centre Bolt & Nut kit / Spring Shackle and Bush / All Parts 
  • Filters:- Air Filters / Oil Filters / Diesel Filters / Coolant Filters
  • Rubber parts:- Hose Pipes / Engine Mounting Front / Engine Mounting Rear / O Ring kits etc. / All Oil Seals / Fan Belts
  • Electrical parts:- Relays / Bulbs  / Head Lights / Back lights / Indicators / Alternator / Alternator Parts / Starter Motor / Starter Motor Parts
  • Other parts:- Turbo / Steering Pumps / Engine Fan / Engine Viscous  / Belt Tensioner / Thermostat Valve /  Water body / Radiator / Intercooler / Lift Axle Air Bags / Water Reserve Tank / Inlet Manifolds / Exhaust Manifolds / Element Oil Cooler / Oil Filler Cap / Engine Overhaul Zenkits / Gearbox Overhaul Zenkits / Gearbox Circlip Kits etc. All parts available.

Quality Assurance

If there is one virtue that defines our product portfolio and encapsulates the entire ambit of our business, it is reliability and is evident by the considerably high demand for our automobile spare parts which are known for their stellar build quality and performance. This is on account of our stringent quality measures and the sheer expertise of our posse of technical personnel, who inspect with great detail, every single utility aspect of the spare parts and introduce the requisite tweaks to make them as good as new, without any worries of subsequent performance drops and breakdowns in the future.

Why Choose Us?

We have amassed the trust and loyal patronage of a wide consumers who have immense faith in our company, not only on account of our stellar product offerings, but also due to the services that accompany them. Mentioned below are a few remarkable traits that are frequently associated with our company:

  • Tested comprehensively for performance and efficiency
  • Minor and major improvements done, wherever required
  • A wide product portfolio offering something for all spare requisites
  • Prompt dispatch and delivery of consignments
  • Ability to process bulk orders with relative ease
  • Transparent corporate policy and ethical business practices
  • Flexible transaction media, making collaboration hassle free experience

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